Scentsy Replacement Bulbs

All Sizes - Scentsy Replacement BulbsScentsy replacements bulbs are one of those inevitable requirements that come along with owning a mid-size, full-size, or plug-in Scentsy warmer.

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Scentsy Replacement Bulbs Chart

Not sure of which bulb to choose from that is the perfect fit for your Scentsy warmer? Refer to the chart below in order to determine the correct Scentsy replacement bulb required for your full-size, mid-size, or plug-in Scentsy warmer.

Bulb Size:
Warmer Size:
15-watt bulb
Scentsy Plug-in Warmer
20-watt bulb
Scentsy Mid-size Warmer
25-watt bulb
Scentsy Full-size Warmer

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